I can see how “The Artistic Nobody” can have a negative reading to it, but I like to think of it as myself. I’m a artist at heart, but walking down a street you would never look at me and think of me as anything more then a random stranger, I would be a Nobody. 

I discovered my love for the Arts in my early College years where my area of study in my University was Photography. Along with my love for novels,and anime/manga from my high school years these became a major factor into choosing the theme of my blog as well.  So in a moment of inspiration to prevent from becoming stir crazy, i was inspired to make this blog, to be able to express my views on art and the like.

My own personal art skills are not anything i can boast about, but i know my way around a camera and can manage simple Photoshop techniques.  I most recently have started to dabble in watercolor painting, but so far have been only able to reach preschooler results. *not the least bit discouraged though* We all start somewhere after all, and the only thing I love more then looking at other peoples works, is making my own. So I hope that through this blog i can meet other “ARTISTIC NOBODYSto the point where we aren’t nobody’s, but simply artists….or maybe in my case just very artistic.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi there. Did you make that (watercolor painting) header? I wonder why you didn’t make posts out of those sorts, really (with a few texts to give them some context, that is). Just a thought. 🙂

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