Precious Tigeress

The girl has long since left, but behind she left so many mementos

Of those was my first gift from her. A small little tiger no bigger then my thumb.

I carried it everywhere in my pocket. I held it to always remind me of the one I had loved.

Tigeress was her name.

She had petite white paws, and a little heart stitched on her rump.

I would take her everywhere on my travels and photograph her in her many predicaments that she would jump into.

“Save me” it seemed she would say

and at other times

“Yippe”,  if she could speak that is.

The girl left, she still remained in my pocket. Still me not letting go, maybe, but in pocket she stayed.

Days, Months, and now years passed. Yet in my pocket she stayed.

No more a gift from a past broken heart,but my little adventure partner.

She’s grown worn and torn, and now stays on my nightstand.

Yet still goes with me to any new adventure  in her little spot.

Childish? I don’t know, and it matter not to me.

She’s become my precious tiny Tigress.


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