Phone Rings



Isn’t her family phone.

Did you get your new phone already?


That’s great!

We can text and talk more often now,

I’m so happy

I know. Ummm are you busy?

I need to tell you something.

Whats wrong my love?


Can we break up?

Shake, Hands Clench, Sweat, Shallow Breath

What do you mean? Whats wrong?

No, don’t say that. Why?

You said before if anything were to happen

you would always stay my best friend.

So please, won’t you keep that promise?

I don’t love you that way anymore.

Agony from the Core

Since when?


Tis a dream?, no Nightmare

Just like that? Please don’t give up on us

that soon. I’ll be back soon, can’t we hold on

that much longer?


No, please. I feel terrible breaking you heart

lets just be best friends. Unless you don’t want to

be even friends anymore.

Her anger


No. We can be friends. I understand. I still love you

though, it’ll take some time. But yes we can go back

to being best friends.

Never were. Strangers

I’m sorry…

Silence, Eternity, Seconds

Hey, I have to go. My family is

calling. I’ll talk to you later, OK?

Sure I understand, tell your sister hi for me.



Click, Silence

I love you

Whispers, Tears, Unanswered



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