True Friends

We all have someone/people that leave us with a good impact. Yes sometimes its much easier to take notice of the ones that leave us with a bad taste in your mouth when we even mention their name, or  those who just make your heart feel like it was just flattened by a steal toed boot. file0001962788572

Regardless we all impact and are impacted by others.

One such person is a close friend of mine. I  got to know her when I was nothing but a very shy awkward college freshman. With the help of a toothbrush and a towel at a supermarket we started a conversation that marked the beginning of our friendship. 3 years later and with  a lot of ups and downs. Our friendships lately has been a little strained, but I would like to see this as another one of our downs. After all, friends get into fights, falling outs etc. Its true friends that go through this yet always somehow get back to working things out and are back to talking and laughing like old times.

Its friends like that they who always there for you when others are not. I was away from family for long periods of times,but even then I never told my family everything. I usually kept myself in a bubble from my family to prevent any criticism I was afraid I might receive. Funny that after a while I began to open up to her and soon enough she seem to know me better then myself.

I think the time I realized she was a true friend was when she began to voice her not so nice opinions to me. She would tell me things I didn’t want to hear, when most others I knew would sugar coat it. Yes, at the time she would voice her opinion and I would always think in my head “that’s such a bitch thing to say…….but she is right”, worst part was she usually was. HeartShe was like my Jimminy Cricket. She always voiced what I knew but was to afraid to admit to myself. Especially when it came to my new girlfriends, that to a certain point I hid my relationship because I was always to scared to hear the truth that I was afraid to admit

I don’t see her anymore, I made some extremely stupid choices and our communication has waned, and just like the tide we would have high times and talk for hours, but then it would recede to a silent phone and her text stream would start to sink underneath others. I would usually go back and re-read some of our old conversations and laugh at some of her honest words. * I’m a pack rat and never delete/throw things*

We don’t meet true friends like that. Heck I’ve only considered less then 4 people my true friends. I may not keep in touch with them like I should, but when we do its like nothings ever changed between us. We learn to push past the bad times, and workout the things that may have come between us. Its funny how when your away from people that you really learn how much they mean to you, and how much they have affected you. I’m not sure when she did, but she has become more then a friend. She became my shoulder to cry on, she became a voice of reason, honesty, creative criticism, shes’s become something closer then what my family feels at most times. Shes become someone I consider to be a true friend, even when at times I was anything but. I’m very fortunate.

*God knows I have been a terrible friend at times, yet shes always the one taking care of me*

I guess what i’m trying to get at with all this is that . Don’t wait to long to tell someone how important they are. I love my best friend, we may have gone through the worst things but we always seem to have bounced back in the end. So tell those who truly mean something to you, how you feel.

I could never tell her this in person because I always lose it in the process of talking. * I suck at speaking my mind, but in text I feel much more confident* 

This is for you….

Hang in there, my friend. You’ve gone through a lot, we both have, but at least you are near the final stretch. I wish you nothing but my deepest wishes of good fortunate at school, home, and your life, and that you get to go home as soon as possible. You deserve the break more then anyone I know. Your strong, one of the strongest persons I know. I admire your strength and your willingness to help those around you, even when you didn’t really want to *you could never really say no, could you? :)*.  I know we may be in a down point, and i’m sorry for all the things that led up to it, but I know it can be put behind us, and we can go back to our usual laughs and such. Gooodnight.



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