Phone call? You mean text right?


It wasn’t till last night that i made a real phone call in months. I’ve made phone call before that but they all were less then a minute. Most, if not all were simply to ask my grandmother what was being served at home for dinner. I actually had a phone call conversation in months that lasted more then a minute and I held a real conversation with someone.

Its sad really. But in todays age its such a common place to just send someone a text. Something really has been lost with not calling someone. I was able to catch up with a friend so much easier and quicker, and the sound of hearing their voice really gives a better indication of how they feel. I mean how many times has someone misinterpret a text and started a fight or argument because the text sounded annoyed, bored, frustrated etc?

There is something definitely special about talking to someone that a text can not provide. Its much easier to make a connection with someone when you can both laugh out loud then by simply texting “LOL”. I think I’ll be making a few more calls then just sending a text. How about you?


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