My Best friend Cant Speak

best friend cat

My only companion for the past few months for a vast majority of the time has been a stuffed animal I bought him over 3 years ago. He’s been in my old room while I’ve been away at school, and I would only seem him during the holidays. My room has changed, friends have left, girlfriends have come and gone. Though he’s always been here waiting at home. We don’t have the friendliest friendship, we’ll argue over our opinions about what we should watch online, what music shall be played, but we like each other enough.

I don’t know when it started but before I knew it I was giving him a  personality, afterwards he would pop into my texts to friends and join the conversation. Now he has a spot on desk where every day we spend a hour or so, watching our anime after I get back from work or class.

I’ve always been a little odd. Any friend would describe me that way in the kindest way.I don’t know when it happened but after a while i started to make characters. I honestly enjoyed it, and most of my close friends would go along with it  We  would have some very amusing conversations.

I honestly hope I’m not the only one who does this. Its entertaining to think of stories of his adventures. It helps me from completely going crazy at home, but then again….maybe that’s not going so well?

How do you all deal with boredom, or deal with being alone for a long period of time?


Please leave your respectful opinions.

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